Facebook Rolls Out Yet Yet More Privacy Features

Another day, another shipment of new Facebook features. But today is unlike any other day. Today, said features even dare make sense.

Assuming you’re an avid status updater, you’re likely quick to gripe about your limited ability to control who sees what – perhaps you don’t want coworkers knowing how high you are. But I’m not here to judge.

But lucky for you: this is a think of the past! Raps Zuckerberg in a fashion most gangsta:

“We’ve long heard that people would find Facebook more useful if it were easier to connect with smaller groups of their friends instead of always sharing with everyone they know. For some it’s their immediate family and for others it’s their fantasy football league, but the common concern is always some variant of, ‘I’d share this thing, but I don’t want to bother 250 people. Or my grandmother. Or my boss’. We set out to build a solution that could help you map out all of your communities, that would be simple enough that everyone would use it and that would be deeply integrated across Facebook and applications so you can communicate with your different groups in lots of different ways.”

Okay, he didn’t actually rap it, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Anyway, as of today(ish), you too can now tell everyone how hung over you are, without telling everyone how hung over you are.

Perhaps even more interesting is the other big drop of the day, that being the ability for you to now download your entire profile.

“…everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook and all your correspondences with friends: your messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information,” says Zuck. Of course, this option requires a rigmarole of security checkpoints, but honestly, I suppose that’s a good thing in the event I find my profile hacked at some point. My password is mad short.

The usual disclaimer, blah blah, if you don’t see it now, you’ll see it soon, etc.

Come to think of it, with Diaspora imminent, they might want to use this ‘download your whole profile’ feature to their advantage when and if users want to switch…

By tydunitz

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