How To Fix An Xbox 360’s RRoD, As Told by Marines

I’m gonna come right out and admit I’ve never owned an Xbox 360 – but most of my friends have one, so I’ve still experienced second-hand the Red Ring of Death more than a handful times. Technically, one cannot hold experiences in their hand, though, so that’s not quite right, but whatever.

Look on in amazement as these Marines show you one way of coping with your loss – the same way I’m sure most Xbox gamers would be used to: firing a gun.

Y’know guys, I heard that a damp towel or something can fix the RRoD in ways bullets never can. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve never heard of bullets fixing the RRoD in any way, let alone ones involving a towel. But whatever, a quick trip to Gamestop and you boys will be hunting virtual terrorists while you wait to hunt real ones again in no time, right?

There’s a smattering of sailor talk here, so if you were going to have your son watch men firing guns to solve their problems anyway, you may as well at least cover his ears.


By tydunitz

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