Palm Pre Two On The Way

The Palm Pre, Palm’s  last ditch effort to overthrow the iPhone as king of mobile and bounce back to profitability is getting an upgrade.

The Palm Pre 2 is the first real announcement from Palm since they were bought out by HP, so it’ll be interesting to see what if any influence HP has over the new hardware.

Details are currently light. All we know at this point is that the device will run the next version of Palm’s WebOS software, WebOS 2.0, and contain a 1ghz CPU and 512mb of RAM, kind of a no-brainer if you’ve been following mobile tech for the past couple of months.

The Pre was a great potential competitor to the iPhone, but when it was eventually released I was turned off by Palm’s arrogant attitude towards their new product, the inferior build quality of the device and the sloth-like OS performance.

The Pre 2 is apparently set to upgrade the screen and build quality, but will keep the slide out keyboard.

Would you buy a faster, better quality Palm Pre, or are they simply not up to par with Apple and HTC?

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