Sony’s Google TV Deets Leaked!

Sony would have you wait until October 12th to get in on the details of its upcoming Google TVs. Sony would have you attend their event in New York to get in on this hotness.

But this is Techi, and we will not stand to have you wait that long. What is that, another week? Five days. Another work week. That is outright ludicrous. Tell you what – why don’t we make you privvy to some of the leaked details right now, from the comfort of your own living room/bedroom/basement/phone? Yeah? Good plan? Good plan.

Apparently, I missed the memo that TVs are getting small again – 24, 32, 40 and 46-inches will all be dropping. 24 inches, I had no idea that was even a thing these days. Who knew. No 65-inch model? Then again, I still have a 27-inch CRT from, like, 1996. What do I know.

As for price, be good to your wallet, because it’s going to have to cough up $1299.99 (32″), $1499.99 (40″), or $1899.99 (46″) to get in on this. No word on pricing for the smallest model, and therefore let’s hope some sort of SKU error leads to a free television.

Also rumoured is a box not unlike Logitech’s Revue, which may or may not have Blu-Ray integration.

Ballin’. And you were gonna get your deets next week. Pah.

By tydunitz

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