Verizon Disses Microsoft

Windows Phone 7 is almost upon us and Microsoft is confident that it’s going to catapult them right back into the mobile space.

Some aren’t so sure though, including Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam.

In a recent interview with CNET, McAdam openly disses Microsoft’s mobile efforts, claiming that there are three players in the mobile space, RIM, Google and Apple.

Interestingly, the last in the list is also a company Verizon doesn’t currently carry, but that might change soon if rumors of a Verizon iPhone prove to be true.

When asked about Microsoft, McAdam says Verizon likes Microsoft, but when pushed admitted that he didn’t view Microsoft as a major mobile player.

“I can’t really say which phones we’ll offer yet. We like our relationship with Microsoft. But clearly in the U.S. there are three major mobile operating systems: RIM, Google, and Apple”.

Ouch. When asked if Verizon was thinking about the Kin as the basis for this lack of respect, McAdam deflected, stating simply that Verizon wants innovative, cutting edge partners and must choose carefully who they will carry.

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