A Screen Made of 25 iPads


If you happened to find yourself at Tokyo Designer’s Week this year, you surely saw iProject25 – a just-shy-of-completely-monstrous display made of 25 iPads, resulting in one hell of a large interactive screen.

The use of iPads to make an omniPad is hardly why I, for one, am impressed. We were always destined to eventually see a YouTube video of someone doing exactly this. Where I’m impressed, frankly, is in the concept.

Commissioned by Japan’s Environmental Ministry, iProject25 is meant to be a metaphor for the human race’s impact on the harmony of nature. Created by musician TaQ (of Dance Dance Revolution infame) and Simon Mayer, the video playing across all 25 screens begins in sync, and as users touch and manipulate the footage, it quickly becomes a cacophonous, out-of-sync mess.

Deep stuff. When you’re done with the video up there, here’s another one about how this business works.


By tydunitz

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