Lamebook Isn’t Taking Facebook’s Crap, and Sues First

Many of you may be aware, and even more of you mayn’t be, that I’m a huge Lamebook fan. While some Lamebook posts are cheesy, others comprise what is truly some of the greatest unintentional comedy on the web – some people just don’t know what to and to not share on Facebook. But Facebook isn’t laughing.

Remember Teachbook, the poster boy for Facebook’s campaign against all websites ending in ‘-book’? Yeah. Yeah, we’re going into that again. Seems Facebook has been threatening Lamebook this time to halt its shameless lampoon of the social network. Allegedly, the threats have been happening since March. But Lamebook isn’t prepared to take Facebook’s shit, and has decided to sue first, citing that it’s quite clear Lamebook’s content is filed under ‘parody’.

“Unlike the Facebook website,” says the suit, “the Lamebook website does not offer social-networking services or functionality to its users and, therefore, does not compete with Facebook.” Honestly, that’s good enough for me.

ZDnet makes a very valid point, however: Lamebook’s design and logo are, arguably, extremely close to Facebook’s – perhaps enough to get pinched over. One thing’s for certain… this fiasco is sure to make for some good Lamebook content.

By tydunitz

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