Laser-Guided Slingshot is High- and Low-Tech All At Once

Ty Dunitz November 22 Design
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Maybe the Jenga Pistol I posted earlier today didn’t tickle your fancy. Maybe your fancy has nerve damage. Maybe you’re a real rough-n-tumble. Maybe you prefer a more violent brand of DIY fun. Chillax! I’ve still got you covered, there. Check this business out.

If you ever owned a slingshot as a kid, you know how damn difficult they can be to achieve any degree of accuracy. The obvious solution? A laser, naturally. Internet guy-who-makes-stuff KipKay has also come to this conclusion, and in this video, gives you a quick rundown of how to make a laser-guided slingshot of your very own. A laser diode here, some aluminum scraps there, strap in a couple of AA batteries, and you’ve got some seriously high-tech low-tech firepower. Awesome.

Written by Ty Dunitz

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