New Light Touch Brings a Touch Screen Without the Screen

This really is a real product, called the Light Touch, by Light Blue optics. Using an interactive projector, Windows CE and Adobe Flash Lite are streamed onto any surface where you want projected. Yes, that means no damaged screens when beer gets spilled on it.

But wait, what can you actually expect do do on Windows CE and Adobe Flash Lite? Can you browse the web, or update your fantasy football lineup using an app? Sadly, no. The Light Touch only includes apps that read email, photo apps, and movie apps. There are a few games on it, but you won’t be finding Angry Birds. So, what exactly is this supposed to be used for? Here’s the boring answer that nobody wanted to here; it’s going to be used for retail services such as clothing stores, bars, and restaurants. There are specific apps for those categories, and, even though we don’t know the price (you have to contact them for a price), this idea is a really cool one. Now all we need to do and sit back ’till 2020, when this holographic computer becomes available for personal and home use.

By John Siano

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