Wii Remote for Android Smartphones Lets You Use Wii Controller For Nintendo Classics On The Go

John Siano November 6 Gaming
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For all those Wii gamers out there, here’s something cool that you can use to play the Wii on the go. We hope you’re not so addicted that you actually need to do this, but if you are, there’s a cool way to do so.

First, go to the Marketplace on your handset and download Android Wii Controller IME, for 3.99. Then, follow the easy instructions, and connect your Wii remote.

However, there is a rather large drawback. Instead of tilting and turning the Wii remote to the likes of games such as Mario Kart, you’re stuck with simple apps, mostly old Nintendo classics.

Written by John Siano

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  • Johannes

    Would anybody actually want to carry their Wii remote around in their backpack?