A Credit Card You Won't Be Taking Through Airport Security

James Mowery December 21 Gadgets
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Now this is crazy. We’ve heard of credit card 2.0, but I don’t think we were expecting something so interesting (and so dangerous) like this. What we have now is a credit-card lookalike that is made of stainless steel that not only looks cool alone like that, but it also can be transformed into a small pocket knife.¬†Simply fold the credit card in three easy steps, and you have a knife. It’s called CardSharp.

There is no doubting that this thing is cool, but it is also a bit ironic: it shows just how dangerous credit cards can be to the modern consumer. So don’t get too crazy with those things. But maybe this thing is the perfect Christmas gift for the credit card abuser in your life. It’s around ¬£15 on their website, so it’s relatively cheap too.

Written by James Mowery

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