Google Zeitgeist 2010 is Out - Stats Geeks Everywhere Rejoice

Angela West December 11 Google

The Google Zeitgeist for 2010 is out. Some of the “Fastest Rising” results are surprising, some are expected. The iPad, for example, taking the crown as the most searched item makes complete sense, since people were not only searching for Apple’s newest little slice of heaven, but looking for apps and instructions once they got it home.

The next one down the list, ChatRoulette, was fun to contemplate. How many people searched for it, tried it, and then quickly wiped it off their computer, never to return again?

But the “Fastest Rising” category is just the start. Google has artfully arranged data from over 50 countries, and is using HTML 5 data visualizations to showcase them. They’ve produced a really cool video to show some of the bigger trends. We see what you did there in the video with Google Phone, guys.

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Written by Angela West

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