Steve Jobs Is Going To Court, For Two Hours

In most cases, you wouldn’t imagine the CEO of a company being summoned to court, unless that CEO has allegedly done something very, very bad. Well, I guess there is something serious going on because a federal judge in Northern California has ordered Steve Jobs to testify for in court for two hours.

RealNetworks is accusing Apple of anti-competitive practices that prevented RealNetworks’ music from being played on the iPod in October 2004. That isn’t the interesting part of the case, however. The interesting part is that the judge wants Steve Jobs, who has been struggling with health issues and happens to run one of America’s most popular technology companies, to appear in court for two hours. Two hours isn’t a long time, admittedly, but it is still a pretty big deal.

“The court finds that Jobs has unique, non-repetitive, first hand knowledge about Apple’s software updates in October 2004 that rendered the RealNetworks’s digital music files once again inoperable with iPods,” Judge Howard Lloyd noted in his ruling.

This case will definitely be one to watch.

As reported by Reuters

By James Mowery

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