The Cheese is a Lie: How Scammers Bait Their Victims

Scam Alert

If you haven’t received an email from a Nigerian Prince, you either don’t check your email enough or you don’t have an email address at all. The ways that scammers operate to get information or cash from unsuspecting victims is humorous to some, but anyone who has been on the losing end would argue that it just isn’t funny.

If it never worked, they wouldn’t keep trying.

This graphic by our friends at Finally Fast breaks down some of the “cheese” that scammers use to pull people through their maze and out the other end with some or all of the money in their bank accounts gone. Those clever scammers are the lowest of the low, preying on peopleĀ susceptibleĀ to persuasion. Often, they fall into the trap out of kindness. Usually, it’s greed or a desire to get ahead that scammers tap into.

Either way, it’s a tasteless act. Knowing the various techniques may help you stay out of the “victim column.”

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Written by Rocco Penn

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  • I get dozens of these things a day. They have really spiked in number over the past couple months, so suckers must be biting. Incredible.