Will the iPhone 5 Make WWDC ’11?

Maybe not. Apple has now officially announced WWDC 2011, and the rumours are flying out of the mill faster than can be caught. Though Jobs n’ Friends have promised a ‘preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X’,it remains to be seen whether or not any hardware will be making the scene. The iPhone 5 might be a no-show – and according to the Loop, that’s a guarantee.

Can WWDC be a rockin’ good time without a hardware announcement? Obviously an iPad 3 is an impossibility, as the second generation’s been out less than a month… or maybe it’s been a month. Time flies, y’know. Macs are approaching the morgue in Steve’s eyes, though it wouldn’t be altogether incorrect to assume a Mac Pro refresh sometime later this year. And the Verizon iPhone 4 just went on sale. So maybe WWDC ’11 will have to rely on Lion to pump up the crowds. Let’s hope it’s enough.

By tydunitz

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