Apple Wants You To Believe in the iPad 2

iPad 2 Finger

iPad 2 Finger

Despite selling out quickly and showing no signs of slowing, Apple released an ad that is geared towards expanding the brand and bringing a human touch to the technology. Everything about the ad is psychologically intended to promote the device as a lifestyle-changing element of daily existence.

It’s brilliant.

Is it necessary? No. The iPad 2 will sell what the iPad 2 will sell, which will likely break records over time, depending on how long it takes to get to the iPad 3. Still, it’s good to see the company continuing to press its domination in the tablet segment by attempting to go beyond the tech-oriented and business types. They want families, average Joes who see the device and think, “I must have one.”

If only they could get their hands on them.


By Rocco Penn

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