Segway Jousting: The Sport of Choice Among the Newly Rich

Segway jousting image

Segways provide reliable, efficient transportation for mall cops and the elderly. Additionally, these clever devices could be used for the ultimate new sport: Segway jousting.

A new television commercial for Washington’s Lottery asks “what have you and your friends always wanted to do” and shows two medieval-style knights jousting on Segway scooters in lieu of horses.

The new campaign, featuring the tagline Play Together, Win Together, aims to position the Lottery as a social experience and encourages friends to play it together to make their dreams come true. To add a bit of drama, the commercial was partially shot using a Phantom Flex camera

Considering that each Segway scooter will set you back close to $7,000 for the base model, this is one sport that will certainly require a winning lottery ticket.

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Written by David Lux

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