Anonymous: "Sony, I am disappoint"

Sony Playstation Network Hack

For the last two weeks, one of the largest security breaches in online network history has been grinding along. As of today, the Sony Playstation Network is still down.

To make things worse, Anonymous, who claims to not be involved with these particular hacks, pointed their scowl at Sony today in a release titled, “SONY, I AM DISAPPOINT.” Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it just did.

In the release, they outline four points of contention in the way Sony and journalists are handling the situation and pointing fingers at the group who has never been known to get involved with direct theft against people, opting to use their skills against corrupt governments and corporations as hacktivists. Millions of credit card numbers were stolen in the recent Sony attacks.

Here’s a cryptic excerpt from the release:

Outraged about the blatant coverup and shameful misdeeds, other internet hacker groups will apparently proceed with attacks [9] over Sony’s mishandling of the matter. These reactions prove that requesting legislation to cover up corporate crimes and the abuse of law is frowned upon by all online communities, not just the Legion of Anonymous. Apparently Sony will have to learn the hard way that corporate malfeasance will not go unpunished. When the dust settles Sony may have more to fear from a massive class action lawsuit by their user base than the brief actions of the Global Hacker Nerd Brigade, Anonymous… Let THE GAMEs begin. :>

The good folks over at IGN put together an excellent timeline of events for those who want to catch up. It’s been a horrific ride for the company and their users with over 100 million accounts hacked and downtime that is unprecedented. The longer this keeps up, the more difficult it will be for the company to bounce back from this.

With Anonymous pointing their guns at Sony, this is likely going to get ugly.

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Written by JD Rucker

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  • Rufus

    sony, change your name and try again

  • Homelesswook

    who the hell died and made anon boss? get over yourselves – you are hurting the consumer – the every people you say you represent. If you want OtherOS (and i assure you – not many people do/care) then write a program and pass it out to your community privately to ensure sony does not patch it – DO NOT RELEASE IT PUBLICLY.

    It isn’t rocket science – if you want to do something illegal keep your mouth shut.

    I for one do not care if you want to hack your ps3 to gain access to PSN content free or if you want to run OtherOS or if you want to hack your system to play games without a disc being in the drive – I DONT CARE.

    just stop hurting the people you are pretending to represent – you do not represent me or the average PS3 user and likening yourself to ‘peaceful sit-inners’ is sickening to those who actually have participated in civil rights sit-ins. Whether you agree or not Corporations have rights too and I personally believe in fair and equal justice for all – nobody deserves to have their stuff broken or broken into.

    I hope each and every one of you responsible for this see some serious repercussions.

    • I completely agree. To hack a company in the defense of one person is just stupid. In exchange for one person, you’ve endangered the privacy and freedom of 70 million. Your moral judgement in your decision to hack the PSN makes you look like the corrupt entitled governments you’ve claimed to fight against.