Personal jetpack breaks 3000 feet

Jetpack 2

Despite dozens of designs and millions of dollars spent over the decades on engineering a true, usable personal jetpack that could transport someone high into the sky, none have ever gone more than 150 feet above the ground… until now. The Martin Jetpack easily broke 150 feet, going over 20-times that high in a recent test of its new parachute fitting.

The test, which used a remote control and a test-dummy, was conducted at a secret location somewhere in Australia.

The Martin Jetpack first made news when it was unveiled in America but failed to go higher than 3 feet off the ground. Now, it’s made it quite a bit higher than that.

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Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Trish

    Hi Rocco,  Just to let you know that the Martin Jetpack high flight test was in Canterbury, New Zealand,  not in Australia.

  • Alexander

    Correction; the test took place in Canterbury – New Zealand. For those of you who don’t know, New Zealand is a couple thousand kilometres to the right of Australia. The jetpack  “failed to go higher than 3 feet” is also inaccurate.  Glen purposefully restricted the hight so as to prove reliability first. You can imagine how things would have fared if they had tried to hurry this process and had a serious accident. It may be taking longer than one would hope, but Glen’s approach to safety first, must be commended.  

  • Reonmac

    Sorry mate, it was actually somewhere in New Zealand, not Australia that they did the test flight!  

  • Kiwi

    Error: Secret location in NEW ZEALAND not OZ

  • this was posted by me

    Roco lives in Orlando, Canada.