Google's headcount headed towards 30,000

Google Headcount

There was a ton of information revealed during Google’s Q2 Earnings report earlier this week despite CEO Larry Page trying to turn it into a platform to push Google+. The company is reporting record earnings that are beating The Street’s estimates and overall, things are going swimmingly.

One thing that was side note but worthy of mentioning is the tremendous rate of growth the company is showing in its employees. In an economy where jobs are falling and unemployment is rising, it’s refreshing to see Google pushing towards 30,000 employees (even if all of them have bonuses tied into social). The chart above by BusinessInsider shows the recent upward trends in employees indicative a company on the move.

While the number of employees keeps going up, Google is not trailing down on their revenue per employee. For every person working at the search giant, Google makes over $1,250,000 per year.

Written by Rocco Penn

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