Is Tom Anderson Google’s best cheerleader?

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

There are a few things that are still up in the air about whether or not Google+ will succeed, whether it can take down Facebook, or whether they can co-exist. One man who has some experience with building a social network has jumped on the bandwagon and been more than just a little active.

Tom Anderson, one of the founders of MySpace and the face of the company (literally) during the glory years is out with a vengeance learning about and promoting Google+. He will soon be part of over 70,000 circles and is treating the network as more than just a passing fancy. His posts are often long, thought-out, and provocative.

It’s a huge win for Google+. Regardless of what people think of MySpace, they should remember that Anderson was there when it was huge and left before the ship sank. He has demonstrated understanding and reading his posts on Google+ make it clear that he’s taking more than a passing interest.

I had the pleasure of seeing him repost something I created for Techvert yesterday and I must admit I was honored. He mentioned that I do not have a Google+ account. I do, but I’m a lurker. I see you, Tom! You just can’t see me. Yet.

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By Connor Livingston

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