Neil deGrasse Tyson pleads for the future of NASA


“The most powerful agency on the dreams of a nation is currently underfunded to do what it needs to be doing, and that’s making dreams come true.”

American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is passionate about space. As the final space shuttle prepares to land later this week for the last time, Tyson puts his passion to video with facts and opinions that ring true for millions of Americans who are upset with the decreased emphasis on manned space exploration.

“I see the most powerful particle accelerators in some other country,” Tyson said. “The fastest trains are built by Germany and are running in China right now. I see our infrastructure collapsing, no one dreaming about tomorrow, and everybody thinks they can put a band aid on one problem or another.”

His final question hits home the most.

“How much would you pay for the universe?”

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Written by Rocco Penn

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