Microsoft gets aggressive in cloud CRM market against Oracle, Salesforce

VMLimited Tad

VMLimited Tad

Microsoft really wants more cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) clients and now they’re willing to pay for them. Medium-sized companies with between 50-500 users can receive $150 cash per user if they switch to their Dynamics CRM Online service and sign a 2-year licensing subscription.

The offer is open to US and Canada customers only and runs for $44 per user per month.

“We feel that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online delivers the best CRM service in the market — and at an extremely compelling price point,” said Brad Wilson, a general manager with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM division.

Microsoft SalesForceAttached to the offer are aggressive competitive campaigns that are going directly after their two primary competitors, Oracle and SalesForce. The tagline on their website reads, “Don’t Get Forced,” a not-too-subtle reference to how they want people to perceive SalesForce does business.

On top of the deal and the website references, they have also continued their streak of videos aggressively attacking competitors as they did a month ago with their GMailman spoof.

Here is the latest video, this time uploaded by YouTube “user” VMLimitedTad, a cloud-solutions salesperson who peddles inferior products out of his sales van.


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