From cattle-trading to digital-implants: the evolution of the transaction

Cattle Trading

The art of the transaction is one of the first things that made us truly human. We started with bartering, often exchanging cattle and other goods for items that we didn’t have. Over the centuries, it evolved into the use of currencies. Today, money is still there, but the way it is tracked and delivered has changed dramatically.

As our friends at Flowtown put it, “For decades it has been theorized that one day we would pay for items by swiping our computer chip-implanted hand over a scanner that is directly tied to our back or credit account. Will this ever be a reality? We’ll have to wait to find out.”

At the pace that technology is taking over the transactional aspects of money, we probably won’t have to wait too long. This infographic takes a look at the history and evolution of the transaction and points to measures that may be in place sooner than we think. Click to enlarge.

Evolution of the Transaction
Written by Scarlett Madison

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