Mafia Wars 2 shows Zynga and social gaming aren’t just a passing fancy

Mafia Wars 2

Mafia Wars 2

There is a lot of passion surrounding social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. People either love them or hate them. There is no gray area. Zynga is banking on as many people as possible loving it as they prepare to release Mafia Wars 2.

According to Zynga, it’s the “most bad-ass game to date.”

Here’s the trailer:


According to Zynga, “Mafia Wars 2 takes one of our longest running and most successful franchises to a whole new universe, introducing a vast 3D world where being bad never felt so good.”

There are currently 25k fans of the new Facebook page for the game, a far cry from the 17 million likes and 5 million monthly active users of the app for the original. Assuming that this game grows to the same or greater popularity of the original, it will be the first successful direct sequel to a social game, a milestone that may indicate the industry is more than a passing fancy.

By Scarlett Madison

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