Many US states do not understand education on the internet

Gun Safety

The internet allows us to learn in ways that were never possible before. It helps us reach an educational potential in most things that is greater than live training alone. There are, however, exceptions.

Certain things just shouldn’t be taught online. Gun safety, for example, should require physical attendance by the learners. It’s a gun. How does one learn everything they need to know about gun safety from their computer?

We’re still waiting for that answer from the state of Maryland. They have failed to reply at this point.

The infographic below by Mindflash takes a look at some of the most asinine uses of the internet as an education tool. Do you feel good knowing that anti-terrorism training in California can be completed by law enforcement agents online? It’s not the only strange use of online training.

Click to see all of them:

Online Training Failures
Written by Connor Livingston

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