Military testing infrared cloaking device

Invisible Tank
Rocco Penn September 9 Design

Military vehicles focus on four major technological aspects today: power, speed, accuracy, and stealth. The last one, stealth, is relatively new but it might be the most important component when wars are decided. If the enemy cannot see you, they can’t hurt you as easily.

That is the premise behind a new technology currently being tested called Adaptiv uses hexagonal “pixels” to quickly change the outside temperature of tanks, helicopters, and even battleships to match their surroundings and become virtually invisible to heat-seaking and infrared-guided forms of attack.

It can also mimic other objects. In the video below, you’ll see a tank turn itself into a truck, at least from an infrared perspective. The technology could be ready to implement on military devices by the end of 2013.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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