“The Circular Economy” makes sense, hits home in the tech world

Take Make Dispose

Take Make Dispose

There are very few environmental perspectives that grab our attention. In 2011, we know we need to recycle, to not litter, to buy green — the basics are already embedded into western thought. It still isn’t enough, as we seem to ignore the “inconvenient truth” about the environment, but there hasn’t been a strong message with actual solutions popping up lately.

This video by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a good start.

It is thought-provoking and bold, building upon the concept of licensing merchandise rather than purchasing it. When a washing machine goes out, for example, we would return it to the manufacturer (through eco-friendly methods of transportation, of course) and receive a new/refurbished one. Turning waste into assets makes recycling a more plausible concept, particularly with gadgets and physical technologies.

Every journey starts with a step. This one may prompt you to take your first.


By Scarlett Madison

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