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Rocco Penn November 28 Google

Google has always kept their search algorithms close to the vest, but in recent weeks they’ve opened up a bit more than usually and given glimpses of what they do and how they do it. In August, they revealed a bit under the hood of Google search. Now they put together a 6-minute video that details what has happened since starting as a research project at Stanford in 1996.

Major developments such as Adwords and Universal search made the company both more profitable and more useful to the users. Here is the evolution of search as described by the source.

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Here is their search evolution timeline. Click to enlarge.

Google Search Timeline
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  • From the before time videos have been in prior in the results and that is the thing which still has not changed and now it be more apply in the results as per the latest panda update. And with that now google has decided to show the recent & authorised and old & authorised information in the top results. And now one has to be more in hurry to provide the latest content as early as possible to get the best results. And now social media is going to be take more part in the results and as per me google has make this plan to make its g+ social network more stronger than other networks.

  • Google is definitely the big boss of search engine, there is no doubt with that.  It is always the best choice since it was invented.

  • It is not the most exhaustive or objective history, but Google has released a new video last monday that it describes as the “evolution of search in six minutes.” It includes contributions from the likes of Google’s Ben Gomes, Amit Singhal and Marissa Mayer, and it traces the company’s search history from its beginnings as a research project in 1996 to its current technologies like instant results and search by image or voice.