Who is really using Google+?

Google Plus Icons
Rocco Penn November 30 Google

Google+ is the Facebook killer. Google+ is a fad. Google+ will break records. Google+ will fall flat.

These and many other opinions are floating around and, depending on who you ask, fall under the category of personal preference and level of trust in Google and/or Facebook. In other words, nobody knows what Google+ is going to be and whether or not it will be successful, but there are definitely people using it today.

Who are they?

That’s the question that our friends at Flowtown answers in their most recent infographic. Click to enlarge.

Google Plus Infographic
Written by Rocco Penn

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  • As per me more youngster that want the entertainment are not going to move to g+ by leaving the FB. And people who want to promote their business , will use the g+ higher. And as g+ will be more professional platform and less social network.

  • G+ is really great.. most people say its not as great as fb but i personally like it