Android Developer Relations introduces training to help build better apps

Android Training

Android Training

The Android Developers blog announced that they are launching a beta of Android Training, “a collection of classes that we hope will help you to build better Android apps.”

As the battle between Android and iOS continues to expand and with Microsoft creeping up slowly behind them, the need for better apps is high. It seems that everyone, even Microsoft, have enough apps. Android is hoping to help developers build the best apps available through this training.

With resources on topics ranging from Implementing Adaptive UI Flows to Advertising without Compromising User Experience, Google hopes that by creating a collaborative atmosphere within their platform, it will continue to paint Apple’s as obtuse and restrictive. Whether that’s true or not is a question for developers themselves who have worked with the various mobile platforms, but it’s the subtle insinuation behind nearly everything that Google (and Microsoft) say when discussing the differences between developing on their platform and iOS.

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