As the workforce goes mobile, security concerns rise

Mobile Workforce

As more offices become virtual and more employees work from home or on the go, the logistics of keeping devices and computers secure can be a nightmare for any IT pro. Cybercriminals are rampant looking for targets who are accessing their data from low-security connections. Businesses are at risk of data breaches more now than ever before.

There are cost considerations, which is why the workforce is becoming more mobile. It makes sense thanks to technological advancements for many employees to hit the streets, make connections, and have “face time” with clients and potential clients, but every time an employee accesses the internet, there is a heightened chance of disaster.

This infographic by our friends at ZoneAlarm explores the dangers of a mobile workforce and discusses options that companies have today to make the experience more secure. Click to enlarge.


(H/T: Seattle Dodge)

By Lorie Wimble

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