The iPad battery "problem" isn't really a problem at all according to Apple

Battery Charging
JD Rucker March 28 Apple

Every Apple device will fall under major scrutiny by both fans and foes simply because of its intense popularity. Just at Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan were once critiqued on every nuance of their games, so to is Apple the victim of being on top of their world. The most recent imperfection being blown out of proportion is the battery charging circuitry which displays 100% charged before it’s actually completely fuul

“That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like,” Apple VP Michael Tchao told AllThingsD. “It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS.”

When an iPad is nearly fully-charged, it will display the 100% image and continue charging. Once reaching full capacity, it will discharge some of the juice and continue charging up again. This allows the device to continuously charge without damaging the battery or any of the circuits involved.

It makes sense, as does the decision to display 100% even when it’s not fully charged. They are still supposed to have 10 hours of battery life even if they’re on the low end of the 100% mark. The company chose to not confuse people by having it hover between 97% and 100% constantly on the display.

Written by JD Rucker

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