The Onion’s satire about Facebook as a CIA tool may be close to reality

CIA Headquarters

One of the best parts about the comical genius at The Onion is that sometimes their satire hits a little too close to home. Their recent video about Facebook being a CIA surveillance tool is funny but there’s likely a hint of reality in what they’re saying in it.

“Congress today reauthorized funding for Facebook, the massive online surveillance program run by the CIA,” said Onion Factzone anchor Brooke Alvarez.

The sheer mass of data that people willingly display about themselves publicly is very, very likely being used by both the US government and foreign governments around the world to gather information about people of interest as well as to understand trends in the overall direction the world is heading. They can see political tendencies that could lead to actions and they can place associations between people through the network.

Is Mark Zuckerberg really a CIA agent, codename “The Overlord”? One never knows.



By Connor Livingston

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