How to get foreign investors to fund your video games


Getting a local investor is as hard and rare as it gets.  Miscalculating the amount of money and time taken to make a video game can tick off any investor that you might have, and it’s not anything new for me, I have seen that kind of situations many times before. For a foreign investor, you need to:

  1. Do your homework, create a good demo, prepare and document the various information an investor needs.
  2. Create a decent portfolio that shows you have experience. If wanting to pitch for a game, you should have at the very least multiple tech demos and preferably smaller games in your portfolio.
  3. Also, find a person who would be interested in your idea. Pitching a game idea to a Web guy might not get the desired feedback. Also, the right investor will guide you through things you are unfamiliar with.
  4. Find the right connections; it is really helpful if a common friend or acquaintance introduces you to relevant people.

If you can’t get funding through venture capital (VC) or the like, angel investors or crowd funding (which is gaining popularity) might be helpful for you!

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Written by Sohail Qaisar

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