Little Monsters: The social network

Lady Gaga

She already dominated the pop world, but now with over 51 million fans on Facebook and 24 million Twitter followers, Lady Gaga plans to conquer the social media world with her very own site.

The plan is to round up all of her fans and unite them under one roof, a separate social media site deemed properly, “Little Monsters.”  Here, fans are able to connect with one another and share all things Gaga related, as well as share their own pictures and videos.

According to developers, Little Monsters resembles Pinterest and Reddit, allowing users to scroll through picture tiles, post and repost images and locations, and also gives users the option to rate the content.  Like Facebook, there are links to each Little Monster’s profile, but instead of the basic questions found on the Facebook profile, users are asked in-depth questions such as “How do you want to change the world?”  The site is designed to bring together fans and they can talk to each other directly in chat rooms.  Included in the site is a built-in translator to accommodate her international fans.

Behind the site are former employees of Facebook and Google along with Silicon Valley investors and Lady Gaga herself.  She is partially funding the start-up from Backplane, a new company founded by Gaga and her manager Troy Carter.  As of now, the site runs on an invite-only basis, and goes live in the later part of this year.

Judging on her already powerful social media presence and millions of devoted fans, Lady Gaga’s site genuinely has the potential to hold its own against other social media giants.  She is extremely savvy when it comes to social media marketing, creating a huge buzz around her latest album, Born This Way, through Facebook ads and games, an affiliation with gaming giant Zynga, apps, and other promotions.  But will fans eventually become bored with a site for all things Gaga?  Only time will tell.

Are you a Little Monster?


By Pamela Chiacchiaro

Pamela Chiacchiaro is a social media marketing intern at fishbat. She has her B.A. in English and Communications, and enjoys writing as a career and as a hobby. She resides on Long Island, NY, and can be reached at [email protected].

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