Battle of Nvidia vs. ATI continues as ATI launched its awesome 7970 GHz Edition

7970 GHz

Nvidia vs. ATI is the name of a great competition in graphics cards manufacturing industry. A decent graphics card for a hardcore gamer is just like a piece of cake! Popularity of graphics cards has increased tremendously over the last few years; one of the strongest points for this popularity is the high quality graphics that developers are putting into the latest games to make things more realistic to the gaming fans around the world.

Recently, ATI launched its 7970 GHz edition to give the best possible competition to Nvidia. Although it’s a bit pricy as compare to other ATI cards in the market, but it certainly burns the latest graphics of any game to its full capacity. Currently, this card is selling around $500 to $550 in different stores. Looks like ATI is just slipping from their trend of keeping the price low for their cards!



Features of ATI’s 7970 GHz edition

The card includes a better clock rate to speed up the gaming graphics. It has 2048 stream processors along with 128 texture units. The graphics clock is around 1000 MHz to 1050 MHz along with a stunning memory clock of 1500 MHz, the graphical memory is up to 3GB GDDR5. Apart from these features, the card has the excellent ability to play games with Directx. 11, every graphics card doesn’t support this feature fully.

Nvidia will now certainly have to think about this amazing card, otherwise ATI will completely blow the competition away!

Written by Sohail Qaisar

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  • Um “will completely blow the competition away” really? Your going to go with that? ok enjoy the Nvidia fan boy wrath or is that what you are counting on? This card may beat the GTX 670 but doubt it would cause much concern for the GTX 680. I am still laughing at that last bit, wow really? LOL

    • Anonymous

      First of all, I would like to say that I currently have an ATI card in
      my rig. That being said, I feel like this article was either written by
      someone in middle school, or that the author was high when writing it. “A decent graphics card for a hardcore gamer is just like a piece of cake!” …Just a really poor article.

  • Jp

    Seems like we hit rock bottom of the quality of this site. I liked techi in the early days when the written word was still bold and slightly sarcastic. Especially from Ty Dunitz.. But somewhere something went wrong, first info graphics took over as core content of this site and now this.