RIM is not in a "death spiral" according to their CEO

Blackberry 10

Research In Motion has been the whipping post for tech bloggers for a couple of years, now. We’ve taken our own swipes at them here (and here, and here, and here), but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a smidgen of hope coming from the Blackberry maker. The hope is being broadcast loud and clear by CEO Thorsten Heins who was claiming on Tuesday that “there’s nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now.”

Blackberry 10, which many consider to be the last chance RIM has of regaining a bigger slice of the pie and staying in business as they are now beyond 2013, was delayed again last week. 5000 layoffs were announced. Stock prices are falling.

“I’m not talking about the company as I, kind of, took it over six months ago. I’m talking about the company (in the) state it’s in right now.”

Right now doesn’t look so great, either.

According to Canada.com:

But before that launch sometime early next year, RIM needs to survive the rest of 2012. Many analysts expect that will be particularly challenging considering the company will be marketing old smartphones to savvy North American users who could easily switch to brand new Android phones or the new Apple iPhone expected sometime this fall.

The CEO may be optimistic on the outside because that’s part of his job, but reality has to be creeping up on them at some point soon.

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