Why knowing the connection between women, social media, and blogs is important for businesses

There is a definite connection between women, social media, and blogs, but not many businesses are aware of it. Reading articles about how women are dominating the internet is one thing, but knowing how to use what you read to your business’ advantage is another. So what is the connection between the three? — Trust.

Written by Amanda Ryan

+Amanda Ryan is a Viral Traffic Specialist and Content Creator for a Social Media Marketing Firm. Her interests include, researching and writing about share worthy news; and in providing relevant content surrounding what's happening in the world of Social Media. Her main objective is to find what connects us; one share at a time. Connect further on: Amanda Ryan's social networks

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  • http://www.careNfashion.com/ Adil

    Hmm. women are clearly dominating on social media. These statistics are worth studying. This can benefit business a great deal.

  • http://phill.co Phill

    I find this post very sexist. It offends me…. On the flip side, what motivates men, what do they trust? Their mates?

    • wut

      facts are offensive. I know.

    • http://www.cash4laptops.com/ mika at cash4laptops.com

       Perhaps there should also be an infographic about men.