5 unflinching TV shows on Netflix you need to watch

5 Unflinching TV Shows on Netflix You Need to Watch

Tired of reruns? The Olympics or perhaps you are simply looking for a show to escape into without commercial interruption.  There are some gems on Netflix that you may have missed when they aired on TV or simply due to the lack of satellite, luckily with Netflix our Technology has advanced enough that as long as we have access to the Internet we have access to movies and television for the infamous eight bucks a month tag line.

Television is not the same anymore, not that there was ever TV shows that captivated the eye on basic cable, with NYPD Blue being the exception in the 90’s, crime drama, gut wrenching, thriller seeking, pushed to the edge because we for the life of us either can’t figure what is about to happen next or can’t believe that just happened individuals, have been left in the dark with the exception of specialty channels such as HBO, ShowTime (Showcase in Canada) and AMC, boy it is like Christmas day when the cable provider would have previews running for free for a month and then when the month was up, it felt as though someone had given your gifts to the neighbors down the street.

Reality TV makes me want to clinch onto my X- Files collection for dear life and prepare for a zombie apocalypse in my basement. Many of us are tired of seeing Pauly D’s hair, people falling off of obstacles, kitchens, teen’s that are preggers and for the love of all things holy… any type of Bachelor.

We want to watch unlikely likable characters, storylines with depth and detail and scenes that push our minds to the edge of insanity.

Through some thorough investigative work (wink), we found 5 unflinching television shows that you can watch on Netflix. Therefore you can stop being held against your viewing will and live long and prosper in your taste of Television. Dig in.


1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

If you have yet tuned into this crime drama you are missing out on one of the best Television shows of our time. Currently airing in its fifth and final season, the ending is sure to be bad to the bone, if you are looking to invite some thought provoking television into your living room, Breaking Bad’s four seasons can be viewed on Netflix. The premise behind the show is an unhappy man who is a high school chemistry teacher that finds out he has cancer, little to no time to live and is broke.

The main character, Walter White is then faced with his immortality and decides he does not want to leave his family in debt and without a cushion to fall on. As the storyline unfolds, we learn that at first Mr. White doesn’t have a strong personality, especially compared to his loud mouth over-bearing DEA brother in-law and talkative kleptomaniac sister in-law, compacted with this along with his impending death has the voice inside him that urges him to approach an old dead beat student and there begins the cooking of meth, trouble and a lot of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad season 5 airs every Sunday night 10pm EST on AMC.


2. Damages


Television shows that are about lawyers can at times be a snore fest but when you add in manipulation, death and ultimate betrayal, and that is just what happens in the firm, then the courtroom drama doesn’t sound so bad. The plot is based on two females, one who is a young up and coming lawyer looking to land on her feet and the other, a ruthless successful lawyer that  will do just about anything to win a case. Although they work together and almost at times, seem like they have a strong bond building, each are revengeful to the others actions and in Damages, trust no one.

Damages is currently in its fifth and final season which air every Wednesday Nights at 9pm ET, but you can catch all four seasons on Netflix.


3. Prison Break

Prison Break

This show did air on basic cable (FOX) but was ahead of its time, although it did have fans (especially the ladies), its popularity should have gone viral. If you missed it the first time around or want to watch it all over again, the entire series is available on Netflix. Prison Break is a story of two brothers, one who is out of control and the other a sheer genius, but when one is wrongfully accused and goes to Prison, the other will stop at nothing short of getting himself into that prison to break them out. This sounds like a simple story line, but the tactics used and characters you will encounter are amazing and you will want more of Prison Break at the end of every show.

Learn more about Prison Break.


4. Californication


This Showtime drama is actually coined a comedy due to its often dry humor, known for its originality and sexcapades, the story centers around Hank Moody, an author who is out of control, has a daughter and is still in love with his ex, yet can’t seem to get his act together to get his family back. David Duchovny, best known from the beloved 90’s X-Files plays Moody and you will see him do, say and be like nothing you’ve seen him done before.

Californication seasons 1-4 are currently available on Netflix and Californication, still waiting on Season 5 to stream but a new season will begin in 2013.


5. Dexter


If you haven’t seen this show, you have definitely heard about it and for many who love thrill seeking drama’s this one steps out of the norm and into the mind of a serial killer, one who avenges death for the innocent. Based on a book series, the main character Dexter is adopted by a police officer and his family due to reasons unknown, and as flashbacks occur during the show, it uncovers what happened to him and how and why he became a serial killer, however, the majority of the show showcases Dexter as a normal guy who happens to be a blood splatter analysis alongside his sister, a police officer eager to make detective at the Miami Police Department. The show often has him talking to the audience with the voice inside his head and with the use of easy access to the worst of criminals, at night the dark defender arises.

Dexter, season seven airs on Showtime/Showcase this fall on September 30th at 9pm ET. Catch Seasons 1-3 on Netflix and luckily for some of us, there is more Dexter Streaming on Netflix to come.

These five Television shows will have you staying up late and addicted to Netflix for quite a while, so get out your coffee maker, pop some popcorn and get into the mode of finally being entertained once again.

By Erin Ryan

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