By market cap, Apple is bigger than Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Combined.


How ’bout them apples.

With a market cap of over $632 billion, Apple is huge. That’s common knowledge. What may surprise people is how it compares to other giants in the tech world. While the company often competes with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, the three giants total combined market cap is still well-below that of Apple. Throw in Facebook for good measure and Apple still comes out triumphant.

TheNextWeb gave us the numbers:

Value by market cap:

Total: $630.95B

Not bad at all, especially when you consider that all four are profitable, established companies (even though Facebook is still in its infancy). Android might have iOS’ number. There might be more PCs than Macs. Amazon might be able to print money with its business model. It doesn’t matter. Apple is the king of the tech world. Period.

By Connor Livingston

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