Driverless cars will kill the elderly (if you believe this political ad in Florida)

Driverless Cars Ad

As elections at the national, state, and local approach, the political attack ads will increase. It’s the way of US politics, but it can often be almost as entertaining as it is disgraceful.

Case-in-point: this video by a political action committee in Florida that supports Jim Frishe against Jeff Brandes for the State Senate seat in Florida’s 22nd District. In it, “driverless, remote control cars” are not just a waste of money but a danger to the elderly in the area.

There’s really no need to expand on why this is ludicrous, but Jalopnik does anyway:

She is the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady for the 21st century. A poster child for the elderly. It’s also a non-satirical version of the “Old Glory Robot Insurance” ad from Saturday Night Live.

The sad part is that the ad might just work.

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Written by Lorie Wimble

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