How Plantronics uses ear molds to create headsets (Video)

How Plantronics uses ear molds to create headsets (Video)
Erin Ryan August 11 Design

Long before Curiosity landed on mars, people were discovering the moon.

Plantronics is the company that back in 1969, provided the ability for “One small step for mankind” to be transmitted from the moon. They are the electronics company that produces audio communication equipment that has enhanced our Technology in space and here on Earth too. Being that they were also the chosen sole supplier in the 1960’s of headsets for air traffic controllers improving the way we have been communicating for decades.

How does Plantronics keep creating technology for ears that are as unique as snowflakes or fingerprints? They use molds of actual ears to ensure that the audio quality is great and that it is comfortable no matter the size of ear you may have.

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