The incredible GPS-style ring for the visually impaired (Video)

The incredible GPS-style ring for the visually impaired
Erin Ryan August 14 Design

Independence is something we all strive to accomplish within our lives; we like to be able to rely on ourselves to get through our everyday routines. However, imagine if you couldn’t, if someone had to be with you in order for you to use their eyes to see for you, even for the smallest detail. That feeling is imaginably frustrating and although we have advanced in ways to accommodate the visually impaired through technology, there has been nothing as close as this that will change the way the visually impaired will see themselves and the world around them unlike ever before.

An innovative MIT Media Lab company known as Fluid Interfaces Group has invented a wearable assistant, one that allows those with impaired vision to easily move around, see colors, currency and become more independent through sound. The EyeRing is a micro camera that is worn as a ring on the index finger and with a point and click the data is then sent to a mobile device which will then read the requested information aloud from the ring. This is innovative, this is what technology was made for and the EyeRing is life changing.

The incredible GPS-style ring will make a great impact on helping a visually impaired person maneuver their way around and explore the world as they see fit.

Written by Erin Ryan

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