The mountable washing machine concept is heaven sent for the urban life

The mountable washing machine concept is heaven sent for the urban life
Erin Ryan August 17 Design

As the population grows we are slowly being forced into high-priced condensed living quarters, making living in the city bittersweet since we are close to amenities but squished together like sardines. Any type of clever creativity for maneuvering furniture or acquiring furniture that has dual purposes can be very handy; in fact it can turn a small cramped apartment into an organized comfortable living space.

Washing machines (if lucky to have one) are chunky and take up a lot of space in what is otherwise a very good spot for other things, so like many, we are forced to give up the luxury of washing from home and instead, having to spend money and time in the very scary laundry mat.

The Electrolux Shine laundry concept will most likely be the types of washers we will be using in the future since according to the UN, by 2050 around 74% of the world’s population is expected to live in an urban environment. Not only is the Shine, a space saver but the design is soothing and has integrated ambient lights on its interface. Once a cycle begins the circled lighting will start to move clockwise, and will reflect the phase of the wash cycle and the ring will fully light up once the wash is complete.

A mountable washing machine is surely needed on this side of the globe, since the wall is the space we could actually use, makes this design heaven sent.

Written by Erin Ryan

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