5 gotta have gifts for retro gamers

 5 gotta have gifts for retro gamers

For any true hardcore retro gamer, the love of the game goes far beyond the stretch of a console. As a gamer you want to surround yourself with items that remind you of favorite past games, levels that you awesomely beat and reminders of unforgettable characters everywhere you turn.

You don’t have to always wait to Game Get to be around your most loved games. Here are 5  gotta have gifts for retro gamers.

1. Super Mario Power Up Mushroom Light

Super Mario Power Up Mushroom Light

Etsy is a fantastic site for spotting unique gamer gifts as we found this little Super Mario red power up mushroom light. This retro style miniature lamp turns on by a simple press down of the mushroom and comes in the green mushroom as well.

via: emmadreamstar

2. Gamer Girl Necklace

Gamer Girl Necklace

Another great find on Etsy is this Gamer Girl Necklace which has a game controller that sits nicely near your collar bone. The same store offers various types of controllers including the retro Nintendo controller from the 80’s as an awesome ring.

via: PlayBox

3. NES/SNES Portable Game System

NES/SNES Portable Game System

Do you just miss the way gaming was back in the 80’s and 90’s and wish to time travel back just so you can play the games you so thoroughly enjoyed as a kid? No worries, we got you, or at least ThinkGeek does with this upgraded version of the NES/SNES Game System, this retro console has been updated by turning it into a portable one.

via: ThinkGeek

4. Mario Wall Sticker Decal

Mario Wall Sticker Decal

The description says this decal is for a kid’s bedroom, which yes could be one way of using it or you could turn your game room or man cave into a retro style gaming atmosphere with these Mario decal stickers, it’s your space so why not.

via: gulleitrustmart

5. Retro Game Boy Fridge Stickers

Retro Game Boy Fridge Stickers

Turn your fridge into a gigantic old-school Game Boy with these easy to place decal stickers; you can place them anywhere but why? This would be a level up for your fridge and possibly give you an extra heart from your friends with the level of coolness your beer fridge could have.

via: showcase66

Game Over.

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