From your mind to Nissan's garage

Nissan Garage

Once again, Nissan leverages some unique social media to reach the people and drive innovation. If there’s one thing that they’ve recognized, it’s the power of Facebook, and they’ve begun to use it effectively. Between contests, online talks with the designers of the vehicles, and feedback from customers that actually gets responses, Nissan has definitely recognized the power of the people. Now they’re pushing the envelope even further.

Nissan’s latest innovation will park you right in front of your computer. Nissan Innovation Garage, the company’s latest idea, lets anyone who’s ever asked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” get the chance to put their best ideas forward. Think that a car with heated/cooling cupholders would be a great innovation? Maybe you’ve got a concept for a form of collision detection or avoidance. Perhaps you’ve got something that is so far out there, people would wonder if you were off your medication. Doesn’t matter, Nissan wants you to submit it.

The winner will get the chance to unleash their idea on Kickstarter, and that could be the beginning of something really amazing. The contest, which could also net a lucky winner a new 2013 Altima, a $50,000 grant, and the opportunity of a lifetime, allows you to connect with Facebook and puts your idea out for vote. Visit their site, and see where your ideas will take you.

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