Graphics so good, they’ll fool your Facebook friends

Skyrim Landscape

I did a bad thing the other day. My son showed me a video (below) of an enhanced variation of Skyrim, the popular video game that has kids and adults alike addicted to a strange fantasy world. It isn’t just the nearly-unlimited potential that the game offers to players. It’s also the amazing graphics, and the ones enhanced in the video below fooled even my Facebook friends.

We took a screenshot and posted it on Facebook and Google+. I wanted to see if anyone would notice that the image (the one above) was computer generated rather than a real photograph. If anyone noticed, they didn’t call me out. In fact, if had nearly 50 Facebook likes (Facebook login required) and 21 Google +1s. It was wrong to use my friends for this little experiment, but gaming graphics have come so far just in the last couple of years to the point that reality and CGI are hard to distinguish.

Here’s the video:


By JD Rucker

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