StumbleUpon makes their app for Apple Devices more personable

StumbleUpon makes their app for Apple Devices more personable

This week StumbleUpon has made extraordinary changes to its app for the iPhone and iPad, enabling users the ability to discover and stumble easier than ever before. Their main objective is to make the app more personable for users to have a more personalized experience.


New features have been added such as the “StumbleDNA” which displays a rainbow colored feature of your interests, the colors that are larger are the interests you enjoy more and once hovered over it will display a percentage of what you personally prefer.

This newest feature will help you better choose who to follow by being able to see what other users most enjoyable interests are too and as you like and dislike stumbles, your actions will reflect within the StumbleDNA.


Improved Navigation

There has now been added two toolbars that will sit at the top and bottom of the discovered page for you to spend more time stumbling quickly and now you can access your likes and profile by simply tapping the screen. StumbleUpon has redesigned its look to make its design easier to navigate for it users.

No longer wait in boredom for a site to load, as it does in the background you are able to click the recommend sites and slide through them.

On the StumbleUpon home screen you can view what is trending on the site as well as see recommendations of stumbles from other users based on your interests.

Their purpose of these changes to the app on Apple Devices is for its users to have a more personalized experience that is more efficient and fun. Therefore having you spend more time enjoying your interests quickly. If you are an Android user there will be an update coming to the StumbleUpon app later this fall.


By Erin Ryan

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