The new Stumbleupon is LIVE (Beta)

The new StumbleUpon is LIVE

As we shared about StumbleUpon updating their iOS app for the iPhone, we can now gladly say that the site has been designed in a similar format. Some of its new changes include new tools and features to help you organize and share your likes more easily. This is exciting news for us who enjoy discovering new sites and interests, since they are now looking to take a more humanized approach with this latest relaunch.

StumbleUpon’s main objective is to enable its users to have profiles that show their SU identity, making it clearer to showcase content and for you to be able to connect easier with others based on your shared interests.

The site wants your profile to represent you better as an individual and therefore will improve usability and represent you through your interests.

What exactly can you expect from the newly designed StumbleUpon?

Activity Feature

Although it is in beta, which means that it could change upon high volume of user likes and dislikes, StumbleUpon has added features that is more user friendly. Some include adding the ability to now stumble pages that your friends have liked, shared or commented on, including activity that has been shared to Facebook or Twitter, this has been added under “Activity”.

Trending Feature

For the very first time StumbleUpon will have something that is recognizable to other social bookmarking sites that is favorable amongst users known as a “Trending” page. This is where accumulated “buzz” pages will show up that is popular within the SU community.


Lists Feature

By popular demand StumbleUpon has added a “lists feature” where you will be able to create and add lists of specific categories, interests, genres, gift ideas or any other type of list you can think of, others will be able to follow your various lists or you will have the option to keep them private if you choose.

The list feature is a great way to show others a bit of personality by adding a personal touch through creating lists that suit who you are and what you like.

StumbleUpon DNA Feature

The StumbleUpon DNA feature is one that is impressive, since it will showcase your interests by color and by percentage. Therefore if you like movies more than music others will be able to see and have yet another way to choose if they want to connect with you, aiding in making StumbleUpon a more enjoyable place.

StumbleUpon DNA Feature

Today is the day you are able to opt into beta for StumbleUpon and a day that will improve your experience on this much loved site.

By Erin Ryan

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